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BSA Custom Patch Guidelines (October, 2011)

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Scientist Pin Part 1 – Powerpoint (2010) Size: 111MB

Topics Covered:

  • How Crystals are Formed
    • Hands On Experiment: Make Crystals!
  • Bernoulli’s Principle
    • Hands On Experiment: Promises to be Uplifting!
  • The Scientific Method
    • Apply the Scientific Method to Your Experiment!
  • Pascal’s Law
    • Hands On Experiment: Level 1 & Level 100!
  • Newton’s First Law of Motion See Ways that Inertia Works!

Note: During the Pascal’s Law Video about Hydraulics on Slide 38 the video appears to pause at around 3:12. I thought there was a problem with the video but there is not. I believe the original creator of the video used this period for discussion as the video does not start again until around 4:00. You can either use this period to talk or just slide the slider forward with your mouse.

Oswego, Illinois