Tiger Meeting Plans

Tiger Recognition Emblem and Beads

You will receive the Tiger Recognition Emblem and Beads from the Pack Advancement Chair, but you should receive the beads left over from the previous year as well.

Go-See-It Activities

Before doing any Go-See-It activities, it is recommended that you complete Tiger Rank Requirement 3Fb with the scouts, which is about what the scout should do if he gets lost.

1G – Early opportunities to fulfill this requirement usually are the Montgomery or Oswego Cemetery Walks, which usually are Pack activities. In 2012, the Pack is also planning a trip to a Civil War reenactment.  The Pack has done historical hikes as well.  Also, the Little White School House in Oswego is a good option.

2G – The Pack usually does a Fire Station Tour.  The main Oswego Police station on Route 34 also welcomes tours.

3G – Consider attending one of the local high school football or basketball games.

See the Go See It page for contact information

Oswego, Illinois