Pinewood Derby

What is a Pinewood Derby?

The pinewood derby is a racing event where with the help of parents, Cub Scouts imagine, create and build a car out of a block of wood, 4 plastic wheels and metal axles. The cars are then raced by rank, down a 30 foot aluminum track, four at a time. The car with the best overall time for a rank wins for that rank.

Rules and Regulations

In order to compete in Pack 384’s Pinewood Derby, each family must read, understand, acknowledge and sign off that they agree to Pack 384’s Pinewood Derby Rules and Regulations. The following are a few links for this information as well as the sign off form:

  • Getting Started – Information for parents to guide them in working with their scouts and siblings when building their car, and instructing them about proper sportsmanship.
  • Derby Rules and Regulations – Information regarding rules for how to build a car as well as rules on how the race will be run.
  • Derby Code of Conduct – Sign off form acknowledging Pack 384’s Pinewood Derby Rules and Regulations

Pinewood Derby Awards

Time Awards

  • Best overall time per rank
  • Best overall time for the Pack
  • Best overall time for siblings
  • Best overall time for adults
  • Most Fuel Efficient (slowest overall time)

That’s right, siblings and adults have their own separate racing classes and are allowed to participate in the racing!

Design Awards

  • Most Colorful
  • Best Paint Job
  • Most Patriotic
  • Best Use of the Color Blue
  • Best Scout Theme
  • Best Wedge Shape

Recent Pinewood Derby News

2013 Pinewood Derby Results

Performance Awards

Most Fuel Efficient:  Alec Capurso


  • 1st Place:  Hunter Hrouda
  • 2nd Place:  Carter Russell
  • 3rd Place:  Logan Craig


  • 1st Place:  Josh Trimberger
  • 2nd Place:  Martin Jager
  • 3rd Place:  Matt Trimberger


  • 1st Place:  Bryce Peake
  • 2nd Place:  Cody Millhouse
  • 3rd Place:  Kyle Knoernschild

Webelos 1

  • 1st Place:  Matt Buhlig
  • 2nd Place:  Tyler Craig
  • 3rd Place:  Nick Henz

Webelos 2

  • 1st Place:  Alex Murphy
  • 2nd Place:  Nolan Braun
  • 3rd Place:  Alex Johnson


  • 1st Place:  Ian Knoernschild


  • 1st Place:  Paul Peake


  • 1st Place:
  • 2nd Place:

Overall Scouts

  • 1st Place:  Bryce Peake
  • 2nd Place:  Alex Murphy
  • 3rd Place:  Josh Trimberger

Design Awards

  • Best Use of the Color Blue: Kyle Knoernschild
  • Best Scout Theme: Tyler Krapez
  • Best Wedge Shape: Jack Robinson
  • Best Paint Job: Nicholas Vernald
  • Most Patriotic: Trevor Borden
  • Most Colorful: Gavin Barr
  • Most Unusual Design: Grant Lesley

Performance Awards

Most Fuel Efficient: Noah Legrand


  • 1st Place: Josh Trimberger
  • 2nd Place: Gavin Barr
  • 3rd Place: Matt Trimberger

All Tiger Results


  • 1st Place: Bryce Peake
  • 2nd Place: Kyle Knoernschild
  • 3rd Place: Nicholas Vernald

All Wolf Results


  • 1st Place: Grant Lesley
  • 2nd Place: Alex Clark
  • 3rd Place: Nick Henz

All Bear Results

Webelos 1

  • 1st Place: Alex Murphy
  • 2nd Place: Kole Schramm
  • 3rd Place: Nicholas Bozarth

All Webelos 1 Results

Webelos 2

  • 1st Place: Benjamin Ward
  • 2nd Place: Trevor Borden
  • 3rd Place: Jacob Schroeder

All Webelos 2 Results


  • 1st Place: Emma Peake

All Sibling Results


  • 1st Place: Paul Peake

All Adult Results


  • 1st Place:
  • 2nd Place:

All Principal Results

Overall Scouts

  • 1st Place: Grant Lesley
  • 2nd Place: Benjamin Ward
  • 3rd Place: Alex Clark

All Scouts Overall Results

All Overall Results


1st – Jason Hlavacek (Den 8) – Average Time: 2.2067

2nd – Kyle Knoerschild (Den 8) – Average Time: 2.2143

3rd – Riley Johnson (Den 7) – Average Time: 2.2420


1st – Gavin Drummond (Den 6) – Average Time: 2.144

2nd – Alex Clark (Den 6) – Average Time: 2.192

3rd – Ryan York (Den 5) – Average Time: 2.206


1st – Alex Murphy (Den 4) – Average Time: 2.0978

2nd – Ryan Schmidt (Den 4) – Average Time: 2.1588

3rd – Zachary Pietrowiak (Den 3) – Average Time: 2.1648

Webelos I

1st – Benjamin Ward (Flying Monkeys) – Average Time: 2.1055

2nd – Brendan Smiley (Flying Monkeys) – Average Time: 2.1350

3rd – Brian Thomas (Flying Monkeys) – Average Time: 2.1815

Webelos II

1st – Jack Wilson (Dragons) – Average Time: 2.1360

2nd – Mitchell Hlavacek (Chiefs) – Average Time: 2.1532

3rd – Bradley Daszkiewicz (Dragons) – Average Time: 2.1545


1st – Alex Murphy (Bear – Den 4) – Average Time: 2.0978

2nd – Benjamin Ward (Webelos I – Flying Monkeys) – Average Time: 2.1055

3rd – Brendan Smiley (Webelos I – Flying Monkeys) – Average Time: 2.1350


1st – Drew Murphy – Average Time: 2.117

2nd – Emma Peake – Average Time: 2.119

3rd – Marie Krapez – Average Time: 2.157


1st – Karl Knoerschild – Average Time: 2.139

2nd – Kurt Johnson – Average Time: 2.159

3rd – Donna Robinson – Average Time: 2.164

Oswego, Illinois